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Yoshimura Crash protection

Yoshimura Chassis Protectors help minimize damage from sliding type falls, can save you hundreds of dollars in repairs, and maybe keep you from getting a DNF on race day. The plastic construction is soft enough to slow slides and wear down slowly… yet tough enough to keep the track away from your bike in most cases.

Priced From 1375.00

CapIT Tyre warmers

Pre heated tyres ensure better grip on the track from lap one enabling riders to put in faster lap times even quicker. Warming your tyres on the track or the road will also cut the life span of your tyres…preheat with CAPIT, WORLD CHAMPION TYRE WARMERS!!




fender eluminator kits 2

Yoshimura Number Plate Holders – Priced FROM R970.00

Yoshimura has always been synonymous with quality craftsmanship, precision fitment, and impeccable quality. Our newly designed Fender Eliminator Kits are no exception, and they are sure to give your bike the sleek race look that every rider craves.

Rider Profiles | Colin Edwards

colin edwards


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