Renthal RL1 Works Clutch Lever Assembly


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Renthal RL1 Works Clutch Lever Assembly

The RL1 Works Perch is a lightweight lever assembly engineered for extreme durability and smooth operating action. Designed and created from a passion of providing championship winning riders with the best equipment possible in order to dominate the competition. The Renthal RL1 Works Perch offers ultimate clutch control and is the finished result of Renthal’s world class engineering team working in conjunction with some of the world’s top Motocross and Supercross riders.


  • CNC machined forged aluminum lever blade for a perfect fit
  • Oversize on-the-fly adjuster for easy clutch adjustments while riding
  • Nylon perch sleeve to allow perch to rotate in a fall and prevent lever damage
  • Rubber shroud prevents dirt from entering assembly
  • Reach adjuster to increase or decrease lever to bar distance
  • Fits 7/8″ bars or oversize bars that taper to 7/8″ at control area

Fitment notes & Expectations:

  • This is a universal fit part; it may or may not fit without modification.