Rizoma Conical Bar End / Handlebar Cap MA304, for 22 mm outside diameter handlebars, ONE END, color Black



Rizoma SINGLE Bar End / Handlebar Cap.

To be used as bar end or to Match One Side Bar End Mirror Mounting.

Package includes ONE Bar End.

Max Diameter: 32mm, perfectly matching Rizoma Grips.
Weight: 83 grams each.
Color: BLACK (MA304B) , SILVER (MA304A)

The Bar End Side closer to the bar is hollow (there is an empty space), so far you can cover up part of the bar not leaving any free space between end bar weight and grip. The size of this hollow part is 7.5 mm Ø int. 22.5 mm.

Rizoma BS070 and BS144 mirror can’t be fixed on MA304 bar ends.