Zeta Forged Pivot Clutch Lever w/ Perch


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Zeta Forged Pivot Clutch Lever w/ Perch

Zeta Forged Pivot Levers are more durable than most OEM levers and will fold outward in the event of a crash to minimize the risk of lever damage. This unique design utilizes a torsion spring to return the lever to its “home” position after the lever deflects. This automatic return can save crucial seconds in a race. Just get back on your bike and go!

CNC machined perch provides an ultra smooth pull. Unique cable end point enables different pull ratios so you can customize your clutch feel from standard to light pull.


  • Forged aluminum lever for greater durability
  • CNC machined aluminum knuckle and perch for precision fitment
  • Lever restores position after crash
  • Integrated reach adjustment
  • Reversable cable end point provides 2 different pull ratios
  • Large cable tension wheel for on the fly adjustment
  • Nylon sleeve enables lever rotation in a crash
  • Laser etched Zeta logo
  • Anodized finish

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